Greetings Friends!

We are Blackfin Hard Cider. We’re a new cider brand based in the Pacific Northwest.

Since last October/November, we’ve been test-marketing product sales in Washington and Oregon.

The initial feedback has been great and we’re continuing to make tweaks and developments on flavor profile, pricing and package formats.

Getting started! Going BIG!

Getting started! Going BIG!

June 2016 is our official national product launch with some new items and finished product after test-market feedback.

Here’s a few photos from our journey so far.

Packing and moving! First ever pallet of SPLASH!

Packing and moving! First ever pallet of SPLASH!

For the rest of the spring, we can be found in 4-pack 12 oz cans throughout the Northwest in our first two varieties, Splash Semi-Sweet and Pacific Peach.

We can’t wait to share our product and company with you. Things have been great collecting feedback and making friends in the Northwest. We’re just about ready to take the next BIG step.

Check out our promo video!

Glad to have you along the way with us!

Stay tuned for more news and weekly updates!

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Have a great day!